EasyBiz LITE GPS Tax Mileage


EasyBiz LITE GPS Tax Mileage

EasyBiz has been featured: #1 Business Essentials, Best New Apps, IOS Main Banner, Best Travel & Expense Apps, 2 x Best Mobile App Award for UI Design and more! Top Rankings in nearly 100 countries for Android & IOS with over 80k downloads its first year. Ranked #1 on DashLinks Top 5 Must Have Business Apps, 2014 Ranked on 5 Best Business Apps by VC Post, 2014 EasyBiz strips down mileage tracking to its utmost essentials. No more lengthy entries or data fields, just set a few basic vehicle settings and from there all you need to do is tap a button. Using GPS "pin drop" locations the app will calculate the most logical route between your "start" and "stop" saving you the battery drain of most GPS consistent ping apps. App Includes:? +Metric System Compatibility +World Currencies +Multi-Vehicle Expense Tracking (Unlimited Not Included w/ LITE) +GPS Accuracy & Battery Life Monitor +Standard Mileage Rates (Business, Moving, Charity, etc.)/ Tax Deduction Tracking +Mileage, Gas, Return Graphs and Analytics for Month/Day + Simple Start/Stop Tracking and Export +Automatic Data Backup (Google Drive) and CSV/Excel Format Export (Unlimited Not Included w/ LITE) +Fully Tax Compliant Report Export (Unlimited Not Included w/ LITE) +Automatic Data Calculation +Standard/Actual Expense Compliant Please Note: We do not use any personal or location data on behalf of EasyBiz. The apps request to "Your Contacts" and "Your Location" is purely for syncing bookmarked business addresses from your contacts to speed up entry time & utilize Apple Map services. No information is collected or used for any reason beyond the functionality of the app. Also, please do not use this app while operating your vehicle, only when stopped and it is safe to do so.

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