Easy Money Planner


Easy Money Planner

Get answers to common financial-based questions WITHOUT having to know how to use a financial calculator! With the Easy Money Planner you can answer a few simple questions worded in plain language (rather than Financial-ese) and find out just how much you'll save with that refi, how much you'll have at retirement, how long it'll take you to save up for that big purchase and more. A total of 12 different Easy Money Planners are currently available and more will be released over time! With the Easy Money Planner you can: - NEW: Calculate how much you'll need to save for a retirement annuity - NEW: Calculate the discounted purchase price of a note - NEW: Calculate your return on any investment! - Figure out standard Loan payments - Find out how expensive a house/car/boat you can afford - Plan how long it will take to save up for that big vacation - Determine how much money refinancing your loan will really save you - Project how much your 401(k) will be worth when you retire - Calculate how long it will take you to pay off your credit card (or other) debt - Figure out how much your savings will be worth in the future - Figure out Interest Only Loan payments - Determine Loan-To-Value on investment properties

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