Dynamiter - 3D casual puzzle


Dynamiter - 3D casual puzzle

[Game Description] "Casual puzzle elements packed game. Blow up many targets as possible!" Dynamiter is the casual puzzle games completely free full of completely new exhilaration to destroy the wooden boxes using the gimmick and dynamite. Respectively, there is a score given to each stage to stage. Taking the score above a certain level, the next stage is unlocked! Nearly 100 is the number of stages! Time it takes to stage 1 is short, It is a casual game is recommended for people who want to de-stress a little spare time! [How to play] Operation is very simple! There is a point of view of the 3D rotating around the stage. Tap your finger on the box dynamite in the bottom of the screen has been loaded, you can directly Drag your finger to where you want to set up a dynamite. Just tap the detonator switch on the bottom left of the screen is after! Switch that can be detonated's one-time! In blasting a one-time, it's to break the wooden box as much as possible! Crate blown-up becomes debris, the physical behavior is calculated based on the physics Goes flying while. [Stage gimmick] - powder box By the impact of a fall or blow up, explode by involving things around. - iron ball It started to move with the force of the blast, crushing the powder box or wooden box that lies ahead. - ice The fragile impact of the fall and blasting ice. Watch out for the score is because the deduction Dividing! Since there are various stages gimmick besides, you can enjoy as many times as the game play! [System futures] - title Get the title in accordance with the score and take the score above a certain level It is possible thing! Aim title of all stages up to the "Crown"! - ranking Your score is sent to the server when you have cleared the stage! Aim high scores and compete with your friends! - optional feature In the Options screen, adjust BGM and change of name, sound effects, of course, It is possible to switch of the presence or absence of shadow adjustments and effects, change of use of language, and setting of the camera movement, you can play in the best environment that suits you!

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