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Dream Manager

Is it possible to program the atmosphere, interior surroundings of your dreams? Yes, now you can! You want to make your dream happen on the coast? In the desert? In the woods? In the village? You can program any interior for your dream! With this application, you can create an atmosphere (climate, interior, entourage) of your dreams. Program the entourage of your dreams for the next night! You will be pleasantly surprised by this simple but fantastic app! You can also run a pleasant and soothing sound scenarios to quickly fall asleep. Demonstration scenarios are integrated into the program: sea, nature and the city. You can also create your own scripts. Sounds from the third track is taken at random. Therefore, every time your audio script will be unpredictable and unique. Are you familiar with it that you are sleeping, and you see a dream. Suddenly, the alarm rang in reality. And the sound of the alarm clock appeared in your dream. Or someone says to you out of reality. Or from the reality turned on the radio and the radio sounds materialize, woven into your dream. We have created a program that contains audio scripts that can be used to program the sleep environment. Set the timer, for example, so that the sound script began three hours after you fall asleep. We ourselves have tested this application. Audio script "sea" was launched in the middle of the night. And the dream of the subjects really suddenly transported to the coast. It's a miracle! There are three versions of the application: 1. Free version (LITE). In this version, there is advertising, and you can not load your sounds. 2. Medium version (AIR). This version weighs 28 times easier than others, as in this version are not embedded sounds. Created specifically for phones with small internal memory. The middle version has no ads. You can upload any of your sounds from the card. Here's a link to a collection of sounds: http://androids.ru/i/sounds.htm 3. Full version. In this version, there is also built-in sounds and the ability to add your own. Please note: First of all, this app is only for those who see the dream. Second, you can forget the dream. Try the program in the other night. Third, the program can be started when the dream has not yet begun. Set the timer for another time: 4, 5, 6 hours. And in the dream you are sure to find yourself in the interior of one of the audio script. Collection of sounds for the full version and the version (AIR): http://androids.ru/i/sounds.htm *** Recommended along with this program also use the program "Sleeping pills", which will help to fall asleep without any special training or tablets. http://globalappsr.blogspot.ru/2012/11/hypnotic-sleeping-pills-is-published-at.html

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