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Dog Name Finder

There are thousands of dog names,popularity, meanings name but what is the perfect pet name ? If you are looking for the perfect name for your pet, this application is for you. In this application, We have come up with a list of the best female dog names and male dog names application for Android. We have two tabs for female dog and male dog so you can easy to choose. When you select a category and click to search button, Dog Name Finder will list for you all dog names which suitable for your pet. Dog Name Finder is also save your favorite names in a separate list and then you can decide from your favorites which one matches your puppy’s personality the best. Picking out the perfect pet name for your canine pal isn’t a tough task with this list of the best names for your boy dog. Bellow are some tips for choosing a name for your new dog or puppy - Dog training, including teaching your dog obedience cues, is essential in having a communicative and understanding relationship. Thus, you should avoid names that sound like obedience cues or commands that are commonly used to train dogs and that you will therefore use with your dog in everyday life. For example, “Tidbit” sounds similar to “sit,” “Kay” can be confused with “stay,” and “Bo” sounds too close to “no.” Dog training, especially when using vocal cues, relies strongly on the animal’s recognition of human sounds. Don’t confuse them! - Steer clear of names that are the same as people in your household. Your dog will surely be perplexed if he thinks he’s being told to “take out the trash” or “drop off the car at the auto mechanic’s shop.” Also, when it comes time for you or your dog trainer to teach her the “come” cue, you do not want the dog becoming confused. - Shorter names (one or two syllables) will be easier for your pup to recognize and respond to, particularly during dog training. A canine’s name should be simple and easily recognizable. - Hard consonants (b, k, d, t) and vowels (y, a, e, i) are easier to hear and distinguish than soft consonants (f, s, m, n) and vowels (i, e, u). Thus, “Tito” or “Buddy” will be much easier for a dog to recognize than a name like “Fern”. Again, proper dog training requires the dog to recognize human sounds, so the dog’s name should be easily decipherable to her. If you are unsure of what cues will be taught to your dog during her training, consult a professional dog trainer. - Choose a name that you won’t mind saying out loud in public. If you are working on dog training or playing ball in the park, you won’t want to have to call out an embarrassing name. - Consider waiting a week or two before deciding on a name. For example, my dog’s name is Addisen, and she is a sweet, timid little princess. If I had decided early on to call her a more masculine name, it would not have suited her well. You should not: - Use a name that sounds like a command you plan to teach your dog. It would be confusing to teach “Fletch” to fetch or to train the stay command to “Shae.” - Name your dog something that others may find offensive or embarrassing. This includes potential racial or cultural slurs, general insults, crass slang terms, and anything that has a curse word in it. Do you really want to call out to your dog “Poophead” and have the whole neighborhood hear it? What will your vet’s office call your dog if you name him “Fartface?” - Pick a complicated name like Sir Fluffy Von Wagglestein unless you plan to actually use a simplified call name like “Sir” or “Fluffy.” -Change an adult dog’s name unless absolutely necessary. If you must change the name, choose one that sounds similar. “Bailey” can be changed to “Hailey” or “Kaylee,” and “Charlie” can easily become “Harley” or “Farley.”

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