DiskUsage provides a way to find files and directories on storage card which consume a lot of space. Displays diagram with directories/subdirectories proportional to their size. Press MENU for actions. Integrates with OI FileManager and Astro. If program fails or gives you out of memory error message - please contact me. Thanks. Source available under free license (GPL-2) Keywords: visual space on internal storage flash sdcard memory file directory folder sd xdu xdiskusage spacemonger windirstat baobab storage space cleaner

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    A very small app that shows your Android memory usage graphically”
    Much better than file manager data usage tools”
    Great to tell what is taking all that extra space
    Great visual tool
    Much better than Android's built in disk analysis tool
    Gr8 user friendly app does just what it has to”
    ^ Makes for a very unique/immersive file management experience”
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    Nothing here… Users found nothing but good things to say about this app!

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