Dinosaur Slayer


Dinosaur Slayer

1. Game Introduction "Dinosaurs Slayer" is a defense game of guarding the castle from attacking dinasaurs. You must defeat the various dinosaurs and great Boss with 7 different weapons and magic. 2. Game Instructions > Operating Method - Set the direction of attack by moving up and down while touching the screen. - Attck by pressing the weapon or magic button. - The arrows can be shot longer in distance with the longer pressing of the attack button. > Processing of Game - Player can move to the next stage after defeating all the dinosaurs during the time of each stage. - The Boss appears in the specific stages. > Upgrade - Weapons and magic can be learned and upgraded with the gold that is earned during the process of the game. 3. Tips > Gold - Use for learning or upgrading your weapons or magic. > Food - After stage clear, it is used as maintenance fee for number of men. - For lack of food, it is substituted with gold but for cases without gold, the men die. - Tanning dead dinasaurs will cause the increase. > Mens - Total number of hired men. - Number will gradually increase when upgrading the magic and weapons. > Battle with the Boss - The great Boss will only be damaged when attacking his weakness. - When the player is unable to place damage on the weakness of the Boss for the settled time, the Boss will attack. > Certain attacks of the dinosaurs and Boss are possible of defence with arrows.

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