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Search for words of 3 or more letters in a tile grid. When you make a word the letters disappear and new tiles fall in from the top of the screen. Try to remove as many tiles as you can before the timer runs out! There are four different ways to play: •In classic mode each tile you remove scores you 1 point. Score as many points as you can before the timer runs out. •In arcade mode tile scores are weighted like scrabble tiles. More difficult to use letters are worth more points. Some tiles contain additional bonuses providing score multipliers or time bonuses. Combine bonus tiles to maximize your points. •In time attack mode each word you make gives you an additional time bonus. The longer the word the more time you get. Extend your game as long as you can in order to maximize your score. •Fixed mode is like a solitaire boggle game. Tiles are not removed when you make a word and duplicate words are not allowed, try to find as many unique words as you can. Features: •Online leaderboards, try to beat your friends! •Achievements. •Four different ways to play. • 9 different themes! Pick you favourite colour! •Play on different sized grids (from 4x4 up to 10x10). Diction is completely free, requires no permissions and has no adverts or in app purchases. This is the donate version, for the free version see my other listing.

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