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Dictionary.com Premium

Find definitions for English words, learn spelling, study grammar and pick up new vocabulary with Dictionary.com. Look up online dictionary definitions and thesaurus synonyms with a touch! Dictionary.com’s word search covers 2,000,000+ English words, synonyms and antonyms: perfect for ACT study or SAT prep! Learn spelling, study grammar and discover new vocabulary with a host of learning features. Pronounce English words correctly, look up the Word of the Day and explore etymology to supplement your language education. Online Dictionary Definitions & Thesaurus Synonyms: TOP 3 FEATURES 1) Learn words without spelling them: use audio word search to find dictionary definitions using just your voice! 2) Discover thesaurus synonyms and antonyms: enhance your ACT education or SAT prep. 3) Pronounce new vocabulary correctly. Learn words and perfect your pronunciation with ease. Your online dictionary and word search doesn’t just allow you to find definitions, learn spelling, study grammar or practice pronunciation. Explore many more learning and education features designed to help you pick up new vocabulary, complement your ACT or SAT prep, and learn words for the fun of it. Etymology: look up the origins of even the strangest English words. Word of the Day: learn new words daily and impress your friends. Save your favorite words, synonyms and antonyms for easy reference. Perfect for standardized test learning! Not sure of the spelling? Suggested Words helps you find what you’re looking for. Explore fun language facts, weird etymology, language in the wild and other fascinating linguistic topics with hundreds of articles. Increase your eloquence, perfectly pronounce words and become a language lover from your Android device with Dictionary.com! ------ Your Dictionary.com Premium app includes: • Encyclopedia ?• Example Sentences ?• Idioms and Phrases • Encyclopedia • Slang & Rhyming Dictionaries ?• Medical & Science Dictionaries

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  • Highligths
    I use it every day and learn something useful”
    Excellent learning tool for adults and children”
    Wonderful reference tool that is readily available”
    I'm a word lover and this dictionary makes me happy”
    Word nerds like me will use it frequently”
    It's a great way to build your vocabulary and see how much you actually know”
    Excellent resource for writers and students”
    Love the pronunciation feature and the word of the day”
    This app has helped me expand my vocabulary on a moment's notice”
    It's great to have a comprehensive dictionary always at hand”
  • Keep in mind
    I would give 0-1/2 star for poor customer service
    But even though I have push notifications set to OFF”
    Do NOT buy unless you have constant internet connection
    Can't download the offline dictionary due to insufficient storage”
    The word of the day notification is annoying”
    Whats so premium about it if the offline mode is worthless”

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