Defense Battle


Defense Battle

Defense Battle is the best tower defense arcade with RPG elements. You are the captain of the turret gun. Enemy tanks and jeeps are attacking your base. They are more powerful from level to level. Your task in the game is to defend the wall of the base. You control tower, pointing the gun at enemies and shoot. You can also use special weapons: • Strike - super explosion that hits enemies. • Stop - energy explosion that stops and paralyzes enemies. • Shield - reflects projectiles of enemies and protects the wall of the base. For the defense of your bunker of base and the destruction of the enemies you gain coins. You can spend the coins to upgrade the tower gun, damage and rate of fire of the gun, to increase the base energy. Improve the ability of special weapons. This will allow you to destroy quickly a lots of enemies. Play the game every day and be the best defender!

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    Defense battle is the best tower defense arcade with rpg elements”
    Very very good to forget and release stress
    Happy to play this game
    Good game addicting
    A good time killer
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    Don't waste your time or space on this game”

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