Dance Music Radio


Dance Music Radio

To all those who are fans of dance, dance pop, electronic and other related genres - you sure found what you were looking for! Do you enjoy listening to stations playing your favorite music? Then, with our app, you get a wide selection of radio stations for dance music. We have found the most popular stations for this type of music and added them in this application. Stations from throughout the world are included, as long as they play dance music. You can now listen to them through Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection, on the go, without sacrificing audio quality. FM and AM stations are a thing of the past! Never again will you have to try to fiddle with awful reception and static which makes any music unbearable! ***Check out the features!*** * Fast loading of stations * High quality audio * Always crystal-clear music, no static! * The most popular dance music stations in the world! * Intuitive app interface with highly stylish design, but really easy to use! * Compact size, suitable even for older devices with lower available storage. * FREE

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