CustomCalc Pro Scientific Calc


CustomCalc Pro Scientific Calc

CustomCalc is a unique, fully customizable calculator app that allows you to add all your most used functions at the swipe of a screen. A totally customizable Financial and Scientific calculator app like no other! CustomCalc has a very user friendly interface so just about anyone can customize this financial and scientific calculator app. Select RPN mode if you like HP RPN, or select Algebraic mode with a unique intelligent parenthesis button, complementing an outstanding array of built-in functions and features. Redefine the whole keyboard to customize it in pretty much any way desired. Qualified by customers as the best replacement for HP's scientific and financial calculators (HP12C and HP48) and the best alternative to RealCalc scientific calculator. Execute your common unit conversion in just one touch (also for currency conversion). It offers in addition to powerful financial, business, currency conversion, trigonometric, scientific (real and complex), statistical, unit conversion, and date and time calculation. - Automatic Worksheets - RPN or Algebraic mode - Memory registers table, easy but powerful, for number storage. - Improved dimensional number format for currency, time, date, percent, degrees, units (length, area, etc.) CustomCalc is designed by Visacsoft, software developers that started with Palm operating systems more than 11 years ago. - Assign any function to any button to execute it in one touch! without browsing for it (including unit conversion) - Financial Functions (PV, FV, PMT, interest converter, NPV, IRR, etc) - Business Functions (+Tax, -Tax, Delta %, etc) - Currency Exchange (assign any currency to any button, store your exchange rate manually or online update all) - Scientific Functions (all log and exponential functions, all trigonometric functions, etc) - Date and Time Functions (add days, subtract days, Day of Week, to hour, min, & sec, to hr decimal, etc) - Unit Conversion functions, assign any button with any unit (Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Force/Weight, Pressure, Temperature, Power, Speed, Energy/Work) and execute it in one touch. - Statistical Functions (With two variables, Mean, Sum, Standard Deviation, Weighted Mean, 6 Curve Regressions) - Automatic Worksheets (TVM, Cash Flow, Bond, Interest Converter, Break Even Point, Currency Exchange, Statistical, Data Edit) - Complex numbers for scientific and trigonometric functions. - HEX/BIN/OCT base numbers and bitwise functions AND, OR, XOR, NOT, Shift Left, and Shift Right

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