Currency Real-time Monitor


Currency Real-time Monitor

Streaming realtime most Currency exchange rate in the world for free!! "Peace Real-time Currency Monitor" is tool for view Real-Time currency exchange rate for your android device. No more refresh button, Because we provide real-time data for you!! No more currency calculator, Because it automatically calculate for you in real-time!! A "must have" tool for Forex trader . Features: - Add/Remove currency - Real time streaming Currency exchange rate Monitoring How to use 1. Install "Peace Real-time Currency Monitor" from 2. Type base currency into first input box and select the currect currency then do the same in second input box for target currency then touch "Add" button. 3. Feel free to repeat step 2 as much as you wish. 4. Touch ">>" then select "Delete" and touch "Yes" to remove currency from the list. 5. Touch menu then select "Share" to share screen via social network or your email ( facebook, gmail, twitter ) visit developer's page:

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