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Crusaders Quest

[Season 2: Inheritance Update] Classic retro RPG that will bring back your childhood memories! Crusaders Quest Season 2 begins now. ?Our beautiful retro pixel art will take you back in time! Immerse yourself in the cute pixel graphics and flashy action gameplay of more than 700 different 8-bit Heroes!" ?Enter the vast world of Crusaders Quest flush with captivating stories that will engage you to no end! Defend the land of Hasla and its Goddesses from the forces trying to bring it to ruin! Some may even find hidden stories about the Haslan Heroes from the library!" ?Exciting Skill Block Play! Enjoy the simple, yet strategic match-3 skill block controls. Turn the tides of battle with the Goddesses' skills in critical moments, as well as figure out the infinite synergies between the hundreds of Heroes! ?Break the limits of hero growth through Inheriting and Inlaying. Overcome Challenges to get Secret Books to tap the ancient power sleeping in your heroes. Rediscover the ancient blacksmithing method, Inlaying, to further upgrade your weapons! ?Conquer PVP! Ancient Dungeons! And Even World Boss Raids! Conduct realtime PVP in the Colosseum to find out who is really the strongest in all of Hasla! Visit Ancient Dungeons filled with rewards and World Boss Raids where you take down massive monsters with 6 heroes! - Crusaders Quest Official Facebook Page : Crusaders Quest game requires the following permissions. We will never ask for more permissions than absolutely necessary for the smooth service of our game. - Read and write to external storage (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) To save/read Crusaders Quest data in/from the external storage and to allow users to attach files for customer service requests. - Read Device Status (READ_PHONE_STATE) To verify/confirm user's device and SIM information. - Google account information (GET_ACCOUNTS) To verify user's Google account.

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  • Highligths
    Very adictive entertaining game love this kind of rpg games
    Awesome game nice rpg so much similar to ragnarok offline”
    Some retro style with more advanced battle system”
    Old school graphics with pick-up-and-play getting style”
    Great art and fun battles make for an addictive game
    Love the art style and the game's really fun”
    Really good performance good story line op weapons an overall good RPG”
    An amazing game with fun gameplay and really cute pixel graphics”
    I really enjoy the fast pace of the leveling system”
    This game is a pretty good time killer
  • Keep in mind
    Poor customer service mars otherwise an enjoyable game”
    Hope you like loading screens and daily push notifications
    But the main problem is eating too much storage space
    Strictly requires constant Internet connection to play”
    When the game is done loading to the home screen
    Everything is fine wifi connection everything except this error”
    Hy do you need permission to make and manage phone calls
    Cannot play & high data usage
    Worst game Developers ever”

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