COSMIC WATCH: Time and Space


COSMIC WATCH: Time and Space

Experience time and space with this high quality 3D planetarium and AR sky guide The Cosmic Watch 2.0 is a high quality 3D planetarium and timepiece. This powerful educational tool renders stunning graphics of the earth and sky in real time. It's a playful introduction to Astronomy. Take an astronaut's flight over planet earth or explore the entire solar system. Point your phone or tablet towards the sky and experience it in augmented reality!! Get to know the constellations, stars, and planets in your sky right now! Travel to the past, present and future and see how time is related to the movements of the solar system. The Cosmic Watch combines basic principles of astronomy with time measurement to deliver a journey through space and time, while providing real time visualisations of your position in the cosmos. The Cosmic Watch 2.0 calculates important astronomical events so you never miss the next cosmic phenomena. The Cosmic Watch is for everyone who loves the planet earth and wants to unlock the secrets of the celestial vault. It's a must have for nature lovers and outdoor adventures, amateur astronomers and advanced stargazers, professional astronomers, clock fans, science fiction geeks. Cosmic Watch has won several app awards including:? • WEBBY AWARD for the Best Educational App 2018 • WIRED and TECHRADAR Best iPhone and iPad apps 2017 • AASL best apps for teaching and learning 2017 "A beautiful learning experience" Gadget360 "The Cosmic Watch give students the freedom to explore and discover without limits... its stunning visuals provide imagination and inspiration to go looking for more." Educational App Store "mind-boggling with an amazing amount of detail, contained in beautiful graphics, an entertaining celestial ride" Huffpost "a work of art and a daily adventure for all stargazers" Android social media ?"This new app aims to change how you view time, by moving beyond hours, minutes and seconds to reveal your position in the cosmos and relate that position to the movement of celestial bodies." ?"a captivating way to change our perspective of how we see something so elemental as time.” Vincent Rusell - Digital arts and humanities  "An intergalactic take on time" Gadget "simply out of this world" PopDust The Cosmic Watch 2.0 has made improvements towards usability. ? Main FEAUTURES ? • Unique app containing a 3D celestial sphere for an overview of the whole sky • Planetarium with star maps, constellations and astronomical events calculator • Augmented reality for experiencing the sky • 3D interactive astronomical clock and world clock • Comprehensive representation of retrogrades • Geocentric and Heliocentric views of the solar system • Digital compass • Many informative layers The Cosmic Watch was created by Celestial Dynamics, a small and enthusiastic team of dreamers, visionaries and profound seekers with the mission to create beautiful and inspiring apps to raise awareness of the earth, sky and the cosmos. Join the expansion of the universe and of your knowledge with this app. Experience the world's first and most advanced 3D interactive astronomical clock of the digital age. Welcome to COSMIC-WATCH 2.0 Time is the cosmic rhythm * it’s a fully functional app, no in-app purchases, not a live wallpaper, not a widget, not a smart watch app Feedback and help: online manual:

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