Convert Everything Pro - Units


Convert Everything Pro - Units

** Convert Everything Seriously Converts Any Unit of Measurement to Another - Lifehacker ** ** Convert All the Things with Convert Everything - XDA Developers ** Convert Everything is a unit converter and calculator but also much more. In fact, there are so many conversions and calculators in this app that I cannot fit them inside the description. You can easily organize your favorite conversions for easy sorting. Additionally, you can also view your past unit conversions via the history menu. Here is a small and incomplete list of what can be found inside: Acceleration Angular Battery charge time Acceleration Linear Molecular weight / Molar mass calculator Android DPI calculator Angles Frequency Electric Potential Financial calculators Ring size Brix and Baume Oven Temperature Fuel Consumption Large Numbers Alphanumeric phone number Wire gauge Sheet metal unit converter Colors Hex, RGB Metric Unit Clothing size Pants Hats Underwear Socks Dress Shirts Shoes Shoes Clothing Size Suits and Coats Men's T-shirts Text - ASCII,hexadecimal, binary, Morse code, Base64 Moment of Force Specific Heat Heat Capacity Illumination Illumination Luminous Intensity Digital Image Resolution Temperature Torque Length Distance Planetary Weight Planetary Age Roman Numerals Currency converter Astronomical Sound Volume Charge Density Typography Temperature Interval Latent Heat Luminous energy Speed of Wind Amount of substance HVAC Efficiency Henry's Law Calorific Value Specific Volume Resistivity Resistance Thermal Expansion Magnetomotive Force Permeability Surface Charge Density Surface Current Density Conductivity Mass Weight Magnetic Field Strength Thermal Resistivity Thermal Conductivity Surface Tension Area Force Viscosity Dynamic Viscosity Kinematic Volume Concentration Liquid Concentration Molar Data Storage Capacitance Charge Conductance Current Data Transfer Density Electric Field Energy Entropy Volume Dry Volume Lumber Velocity Angular Velocity Radiation Exposure Time Radiation Radioactivity Radiation Dose Equivalent Radiation Absorbed Dose Rate Radiation Absorbed Dose Flow Flow Mass Flow Molar Heat Flux Density Heat Transfer Coefficient Inductance Linear Charge Density Linear Current Density Luminance Magnetic Flux Magnetic Flux Density Mass Flux Density Moment of Inertia Pressure Power Area of Room Blood Sugar Cooking units Unix timestamp Frequency wavelength Time Lead time days weeks months years Time Remove time Time Days until countdown Wind chill Volume Objects Women's bra band size Women's bra cup size Children's shoes Children's shoes Toddler shoes Infant shoes Area Shapes Perimeter Surface Area Time Date Julian Fractions Fuel cost Percentage Tip calculator Standard deviation Number sequences Fibonacci Random number generator Percent Error Atmosphere Depth of Field Statistics Electrical Engineering Thermodynamics Download time Chemistry Pixels Aspect Ratio Number Properties Automotive Fluid mechanics Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Viscosity Oil Water Enthalpy Mass, Molar, Volume Alcohol Blood alcohol content Bitcoin Words to pages Cooking substitutions Pixels, aspect ratio, PPI, dot matrix Health and fitness Periodic table of elements Frequency and Period Astrology Zodiac Ohm's law Speed Braille Number bases International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet Paper weight Paper size Time Zones Astrology and Zodiac Resistor color code watts /dbm File formats GPA Inflation / CPI screw sizes Speed of Sound Fractions Percentages Enzyme Computer Speed DNA Length Time calculator Child Blood Type Frame rate Wave number Fuel efficiency volume Fuel efficiency mass Radiation Mole Linear mass density Water hardness Musical Notes Tempo Nails Drill bit size Drill tap size Latitude longitude American Sign Language ASL Wrench sizes Syringe needle gauge Bed sizes Country flags Body jewelry gauge Lumber CSS Richter Wine bottle Bullet Energy Recoil Energy

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