“Communications” is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) application that designed specifically for Autistic people. The goal of this application is to assist Autistic people with speaking difficulty as well as improving their vocabulary skill. Remodeling our application after Picture Exchange Communication System (PECs), a universal methodology of teaching speech and communication to Autistic people, we carefully designed an application to build up child’s communication from foundation. First part of our application will focus on communication by using a single word or picture. The second part will teach children to construct as well as communicate with full sentences. This application is not only limit to people with Autism. People with down syndrome and language disability can also benefit from this application as well. This project is a joint collaboration between True Corporation and Autistic Foundation Thailand. We work closely with autistic teachers, specialists as well as parents and children to craft out a customized learning solution for Autistic Children. By using our applications closely with parents and teachers, it is expected that autistic children will develop essential skills that are important to live a normal life. “Communications” is part of True Autistic, Thai Autistic, application series which also include “Daily Tasks” and “Trace & Share”. Each application focuses on improving different aspect of autistic children skill.

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