Clink - Save one dollar a day


Clink - Save one dollar a day

Clink is an investing application which facilitates your savings by making you save every time you go out. Your money is invested in a diversified ETF portfolio and keeps growing without you needing to worry about it. 1. How Clink works: When you register for Clink you are basically filling out all the required information needed to open an investment account. Then you can choose your method of savings. You can either link your credit card and set a fixed percentage of your expense for Clink to allocate to your savings or you can put yourself on a schedule and set a fixed amount to be transferred to your Clink account starting from as little as $1 a day. Then all that is left is to choose which Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) portfolio you want to invest in and you are all set. 2. Our Portfolio All of our ETFs are managed by Vanguard, the undisputed industry leader, and adhere to the highest investing standards. 3. Your Money is insured Your money is SPIC insured up to $500,000 so you are always protected and you can withdraw at any given time. 4. Our Security: Clink uses Bank Level securities – same as all the big banks, we have 256 bit encryption which means that all your information is protected at the highest level possible. 5. Fees: We have a flat fee of $1 a month up to $5,000. If you have more then $5,000 in your Clink account you'll be charged 0.25% in annualized fees. 6. Group Savings: We are adding new features all the time, our latest, save with your family and friends. You choose a joined goal, a target date and the amount you want to save and then send invites to your friends or family to join the effort. Once you reach the goal you can cash out or start saving for a new goal. 7. Read about us in the Press: Yahoo Finance BARRON’S MSN *Clink is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and is accredited by the SEC. Visit our website at:

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