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Clean Music Player

Clean Music is a simple, fast, and elegant folder-based audio player. You browse to the directory and tap the file; no mangled metadata, no scanning your collection, and no meaningless icons or placeholder album artwork. Simple doesn't mean basic, and feature-filled doesn't mean slow or difficult to use; Clean Music combines an easy-to-use UI with a small amount of powerful features and meaningful customization options. WHAT'S IN THE FREE VERSION ? Take advantage of all the cool Android features: Gapless playback and notification controls on Android 4.1+, lockscreen controls and an equalizer on Android 4.0+, and integration with other apps on all Android versions. ? Specify exactly what you want to play by long-click selecting songs and folders. For example, loop a single song by long clicking it, clicking the play button, and turning repeat on. And/or shuffle all your music by long-clicking your music folder, tapping play, and shuffling. ? In a long song or audiobook, keep your place with Remember Position, and move around by tapping the numbers next to the seek bar. ? If order is important, and the file names are not already sorted, MetaSort them. ? Go to sleep to your music using the Sleep Timer. ? And search (even using Google Now's "listen to" command). ? Save a selection of songs, or what you're listening to now, as a playlist. ? Push what you're listening to (using ScrobbleDroid), and they can recommend new music. ? And show off your album artwork.

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  • Highligths
    The most convenient to use simple music player with folder management”
    No need for rescans in directories or album art downloads”
    Music videos you just listen to”
    When I click the pausing button on notification bar
    I needed a music player just for the music folder
    This app is the epitome of straightforward music play
    The best light and user friendly app of all time”
    And have shuffle not interrupt current song
    Great app for someone who just wants to listen to music
    Great for podcasts to keep your place”
  • Keep in mind
    Unstable Front Load on Lock Screen - it flickers”

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