Classic FM Radio App


Classic FM Radio App

Classic FM's free app - the world's greatest classical music radio station. Listen to Classic FM and discover which piece is playing and its composer. Discover the latest stories from the classical music world with our entertaining music news. Features: What else can you do? * Explore the whole week's schedule and find your favourite radio show. * Wake up to More Music Breakfast and drift off to sleep with Smooth Classics. * Relax during the weekends with Aled Jones, Alan Titchmarsh, Myleene Klass and the rest of our knowledgeable and welcoming presenters. * Change station to Heart, Gold and other popular radio stations. © 2013 Global Radio UK Ltd. Open source licences: ActionBarSherlock under Apache 2.0 & AAC Player under LGPL Our app uses unique identifiers to improve your experience. Some of our partners allow you to save events and send emails but your calendar and email will never be accessed without your permission.

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  • Highligths
    Such a variety of fabulous classical music throughout the day”
    Presented in high quality sound by first rate classical music lovers
    The best radio station available interference free on my phone”
    1000% better than messing around with fm radio
    A " sleep timer " implemented can be a good thing”
    Great audio quality
  • Keep in mind
    I don't particularly want push notifications from Classic FM”
    All other radio apps work fine but this won't load”
    I can't find play lists either”
    Uninstalled and resorted back to web browser
    No timer/ sleep function
    " Sometimes it struggles to load the background images

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