The Classcraft mobile app is the perfect way for teachers, students, and parents to manage Classcraft on the go. This is a companion app for Classcraft. Teachers, students, and parents will need a desktop computer to create their account. Start playing for free by visiting Teachers: • Switch between classes • Add/remove points to manage behavior (XP, GP, HP, AP) • Monitor class activity and manage students and teams • Use Random Events and the Wheel of Destiny • Message students and parents • Access the game feed and sentences • Delay damage (HP loss) • Track student behavior over time with Analytics, and more! Students: • Switch between classes • View your character and stats (XP, GP, HP, AP) • Learn or use powers • See the class and teams • Upgrade your character and train awesome pets • Send messages to your teacher • Access the game feed, sentences, and Delayed Damage • Embark on epic learning adventures with Quests, and more! Parents: • Switch between classes or students • View your child’s progress in class • Reward good behavior at home with GP • See powers and sentences • Send messages to the teacher • View game feed entries pertaining to your child, and more! More about Classcraft: Classcraft is an Engagement Management System that uses gaming principles to address student motivation. By blending students’ physical and virtual learning, the program reframes their progress in school as a game they play together. Using collaboration and play to build more empathetic and fun classroom culture, the game rewires existing social dynamics and facilitates a supportive environment where students thrive. Classcraft offers a powerful ecosystem of tools that combine to create a new kind of learning experience, which impacts educational outcomes ranging from: • School climate • Classroom management • Social emotional learning • Academic performance • Attendance and suspension rates The program can be used with any grade and subject and is fully compatible with Google Classroom. Classcraft is a proud supporter of the Student Privacy Pledge.

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