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CCRN Flashcards Extra

CCRN Flashcards Extra, a study aid for nurses and nursing students studying for the Critical Care Registered Nurse Exam. CCU ICU Study Group Consider forming a small exam study group to share ideas. Candidates who pool their resources and study together may be more confident in their knowledge and more likely to succeed at passing the exam. Consider scheduling to test at the same time, traveling to the testing site together and supporting one another every step of the way. Certified Nurses & Other Colleagues Talk with certified nurses to find out what tools they used to prepare for the exam and what study tips they might offer. Make arrangements to shadow a nurse who works on another acute or critical care unit, to expose you to different patient types — especially if you have primarily worked on a single unit. Concentrate your studies on the most heavily weighted topic areas as listed on the test plan, but remember that the other areas are important, too — especially if you scored a low percentage in a particular area. We suggest that you plan your study emphasis and time in proportion to the weight of the topic. Decks included: Ethics Hemalogic Endocrine Cardiac Neuro Pulmonary

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