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Did I park my car on the square or in front of the food store? Where did my son park the car yesterday night? When you don't know - or don't remember - ask Car Finder! Everytime you park your car, Car Finder automatically detects and saves the location, so it's easy to go back to the right spot - for you and all the people you share your car with. You don't have to do anything: using your car's bluetooth technology, Car Finder knows where you were when you turned the engine off. Now you have one less thing to worry about: finding your car is Car Finder's business. Features: - GPS car locator - Bluetooth based parking auto detection (requires Android 3.0 or upper) - Manual position setting for non-bluetooth cars - Car location sharing - Car compass with direction and distance to find your car - Map view with manual car placement - Choose car color - Optional features - No ads App icon: courtesy Valeria Petrone

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