Body Composition Monitor (Pro)


Body Composition Monitor (Pro)

This application has been designed with Personal Trainers, Health and Fitness professionals and health conscious parents in mind to help them keep track of their clients or even family members body composition. Depending on what equipment you have available it offers two ways of entering the weigh-in statistics. Body Composition and Body Fat Monitor Bathroom Scale This is a type of bath scale measures the following and can be entered using the scales weigh-in screen. • Weight (lb) • Body Fat Percentage • Muscle Percentage • BMI - Body Mass Index • Visceral Fat • Resting Metabolism Rate Personal Body Fat Tester Calipers Using this method all one needs is a normal bathroom scale and a personal body fat calipers. To the inexperienced user these calipers can give inconsistent measurements but with some practice at using the right technique this relatively cheap (The bathroom scales will probably cost more.) device, one can obtain very consistent measurements. Instructions of the correct technique will be provided with your chosen calipers. To help maintain the accuracy it is recommended to take 3 measurements and record the average as your final weigh-in measurement. If the first two measurements vary by greater than one-millimeter, more should be taken until two measures vary by less than one-millimeter. • Weight (lb) • Skinfold Measurement (in millimeters) of the “Suprailiac Crest”. • New - One can also now use 7, 4 or 3 Site Jackson-Pollock method for measuring body fat Once you've entered your weight-in statistics you can track your progress by viewing the above information (plus various other derived statistics) both in tabular format and graphs. Features • Create multiple profiles. • Monitor changes in body composition from (Weight, Body fat Percentage, Lean Weight, Weight Change to Date) and depending on the type of equipment used. ** Scales - BMI, Muscle Percentage, Visceral Fat, RMR and view current weight in stone. ** Caliper - Illiac Skinfold Thickness, Fat Weight, Fat Change to Date and Lean Body Mass to Date. • Visualize the aforementioned measurements in a graph to understand how your body composition is changing. • Edit Weigh-in statistics • View statistics of what everyone has achieved collectively. • View statistics of what a client has achieved. • Backup and restore data to a file on your device, this can then be copied to your PC for remote backup. (Requires AndExplorer to be installed - This dependency will be removed in a future update) • Enter Weight and Body Fat goals which can then be visualized in a graph against your actual weight and lean weight. • View hisotry for the last 3, 6, 12 months or All. • Switch between KG, LBS and Stone • Select the preferred unit of measuring Weight by client • Can now track girth measurements • Added "Are you sure want to exit" prompt • To delete Client by performing a long press on the clients name.

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