BMI Ideal weight and calories


BMI Ideal weight and calories

This application is a BMI calculator (Body Mass Index), PCA (Body Fat Percentage), PCA (Percentage waist height) and GE (energy expenditure or caloric intake). You can calculate your BMI and your waist-height index to determine your ideal weight based on age and gender. Also check na list of all the foods with their corresponding calories. • For everyone from 7 years. • Very easy to use. • Includes diagnostic and graphical results. • Works with metric and imperial. • Automatically saves the entered values??. • Option to filter the list of foods. • List of diets: macrobiotic, balanced, dissociated and cleansing. • List of exercices: Exercises you can do at home. Additional Information: • Body mass index: defined as body mass divided by height squared. Provides an indication of the relationship between weight and height but ignores individual factors such as muscle. • waist-height ratio: is defined as waist circumference divided by height. Measures of body fat distribution and recent studies suggest that it is a better indicator of heart disease risk. • Percentage of body fat: is defined as the weight of fat divided by the total weight. It is estimated with the so-called "circle method" that uses the height and waist circumference, neck and hips. • Energy expenditure and caloric consumption: is essentially the sum of internal heat production (Basal Metabolic Index) and external work (Physical Activity Level). • Food: Percentage of kilo calories (kcal) per 100g of food. It also includes the percentage of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and saturated fats. Upcoming improvements: Adapted to new languages ??and diets. * BMI Plus was developed with strict formulas and following the body's levels recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) values.

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