Blood Alcohol Finder


Blood Alcohol Finder

Blood Alcohol Finder is a feature rich and simple to use blood alcohol calculator. With Blood Alcohol Finder you can quickly and easily calculate your blood alcohol content by entering a few basic pieces of information. First, create user profiles for you and your friends by entering your name, weight, and gender. Once you've created a user you can add drinks to that user by selecting one of hundreds of built-in drinks or by creating your own custom drinks by adding that awesome cocktail you made at home or that tasty microbrew you just discovered. Lastly, enter how long you've been drinking and calculate the blood alcohol content of you and your friends. This includes a decimal representation of your BAC (i.e. 0.08), some possible side effects related to that blood alcohol range, as well as a detailed graph letting you know what your BAC will be over time. Feel free to comment or email with drink and feature suggestions! Disclaimer: Blood Alcohol Finder is intended only as an estimate of blood alcohol content and should not be used to determine whether or not it is safe to drive or for any official form of blood alcohol measurement.

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