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Best Boy Sound Control

Best Boy Sound Control: A stage performers dream comes true! Best Boy Sound Control is THE music- and sound control system for professional musicians, magicians, dancers or any other stage performers. It was developed in close cooperation with different artists and optimized according to their needs. Limitation Lite-Version: Only the first three songs in the playlist can be played. Manual download: For any bug report, feedback or ideas, please contact us at Features: - Works with standard remote controls and presenter (via Bluetooth or USB OTG) - Fadeout (by pressing Play/Stop while playing) - Auto-Stop (next tack in playlist will NOT automatically played) - Set individual Volume for each track in Playlist - Volume control via remote control - Talk-Function (by pressing a button the volume is set to a preset value) - Hard-Stop (by pressing a button the track stops without fading out) - Play/Stop - Skip (Next / Prev) - Pause - Auto-Airplane-Mode - Equalizer - Large, very clearly structured Display - Display can be customized - Playlist editor - Easy to set up the remote controls - Keys react on release (more details, see chapter 2 - page 18 of the PDF Manual) - Possibility to program two functions to one key (more details, see chapter 2 - page 18 of the PDF Manual) Using Best Boy Sound Control, the artist is able to handle sounds and music by himself with a remote control right from the stage. To remote control the app, external devices which act as a keyboards can be used. These include presenter, remote controls and keyboards. These devices can be connected via Bluetooth or via an USB OTG (On The Go) cable as long your Android device supports USB OTG. With USB OTG, it is possible to use a presenter with an USB-Stick; these are often used for PowerPoint presentations. These devices usually have a longer range than corresponding bluetooth devices. This grants the artist the possibility to manage his performance by himself without the need of an audio engineer. Tested devices: - BestBoy Remote (USB OTG) - Logitech Presenter R400 (USB OTG) - Trust Wireles Remote Control for iPad (Bluetooth) - TomTom BT Remote (Bluetooth)

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