Alcohol & Beer Converter


Alcohol & Beer Converter

This simple application helps you convert between beer units, such as Bottles, Pints, Cans, etc. It also lets you know how much alcohol you're drinking (the amount of ethanol contained in your beer/drink). Beer Converter has been updated to Version 3! With this version comes some exciting new features and bug fixes. Beer Converter is great for converting the amounts of alcohol in any alcoholic drink, not just beer! Simply select the unit size (volume) from the dropdown (or make a custom unit), then input the alcohol content of your beverage (usually listed on the container). Finally, input the quantity. Simple example: If I have 2 cans of beer that contain 5% alcohol. I'd like to know how many shots of vodka (40%) that would equal in terms of alcohol content. I can select “Can” from the first dropdown, ensure that my “Alcohol Content” field has 5, then input 2 for “Quantity.” I can then set my “Unit to convert into” to “Shot” with an alcohol content of “40.” Another usage scenario: How much alcohol is in 4 cans of beer at 5%? One can simply select “Can” from the dropdown menu. Ensure that “Alcohol content” is properly set to 5% (default). Then input “4” for the quantity. The output will tell you how much ethanol you’re consuming, which is how much pure alcohol you’re drinking. Permissions: Internet/Billing - For in-app billing. In an effort to keep multiple apps out of the Play store, users can purchase the Premium Version from within that app, which implements in-app billing requiring the Internet permission. This is optional and only at your explicit request. This app is open source, so go customize it! More info and full changelog at:

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