BedTime Stories


BedTime Stories

Free Bedtime stories for everyone. If you are grown up but miss the the bedtime stories of your childhood or you are a kid and want to read these stories. Read out to your child from these popular fairy tales while you put her to sleep. Stories are divided into three categories: 1. Celtic Fairy Tales •A LEGEND OF KNOCKMANY •CONNLA AND THE FAIRY MAIDEN •GULEESH •ACK AND HIS MASTER •THE FIELD OF BOLIAUNS •THE SHEPHERD OF MYDDVAI •THE STORY-TELLER AT FAULT •BETH GELLERT •FAIR, BROWN, AND TREMBLING •HUDDEN AND DUDDEN AND DONALD O\'NEARY •KING O\'TOOLE AND HIS GOOSE •THE HORNED WOMEN •THE SPRIGHTLY TAILOR •THE WOOING OF OLWEN •CONALL YELLOWCLAW •GOLD-TREE AND SILVER-TREE •JACK AND HIS COMRADES •MUNACHAR AND MANACHAR •THE SHEE AN GANNON AND THE GRUAGACH GAIRE •THE STORY OF DEIRDRE 2. Fables •THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE •THE ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER •THE LION’S SHARE •THE EARTHEN POT AND THE BRASS POT •THE CLASSIC FRIENDSHIP STORY OF THE LION AND THE MOUSE •THE MAN AND THE SERPENT •THE FOX AND THE GRAPES 3. Fairy Tales •CINDRELLA •BEAUTY AND THE BEAST •THE GOLDEN CRAB •THE LAZY JACK •THE SLEEPING BEAUTY •RAPUNZEL •THE DONKEY SKIN GIRL •HOW THE BEGGAR BOY TURNED INTO COUNT PIRO •THE MAGIC SWAN •THUMBLINA •THE SWEET PORRIDGE •THE UGLY DUCKLING •JACK AND HIS GOLDEN SNUFF-BOX •SNOW WHITE AND THE MAGIC MIRROR There are enough of the stories in each category to keep you busy. Invest your time in reading with the beautiful fonts, color and graphics in this app. You are also welcome to suggest us new stories and we will include them in our app. Simply drop an email to with your suggestions. Tag: Stories, Bedtime Stories, Fairy Tales, Fables, Short story

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