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bComposer Scales Lite

Play and learn music composition with bComposer! bComposer Scales Lite is a basic tool that allows to create songs since their melody to their harmony and is addressed to anyone interested in the music creation since amateurs to pros. This system contains all the basic theory rules for tonal music composition. bComposer Scalas Lite is a basic version limited features access: Scales, inversions, lessons, chords expansions and more. If you want the profressional app with full features and without ads, then you can donwload it from: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ombstudios.bcomposer.scales_pro Dont forget to rate us. We are in constant improvement and updating new features, so if you found some bug, please notice us, so we can fix it. With bComposer Scales Lite you have: ? Simple and intuitive navigation between scales and tools. ? Quickly mastery and understanding of all the fundamental music theoretical while you are playing. ? Encourage to assimilate the theoretical concepts with practice. ? With the continuos using the app you will see how easy is to understand the music composition. ? The app will train your brain to assimilate and use progressions, scales and melodic and harmonic creation. ? The app offers lessons for teaching all the complex concepts on a simple and straight way Features: - Major scales - Minor scales - Harmonic minor scales * Ascendat hamonic minor scale * Descendant harmonic minor scale - Melodic minor escale * Ascendat melodic minor scale * Descendant melodic minor scale - Realistic instrument sounds: * Piano - Limited chord expansion. - Limited chord inversions - Key signatures - Progressions - Point pedal - Cadence - Interactive lessons temary: * Scale history * Chord creation * Harmony comprhension. * Interval * Grades * Multiple scale configuration Languages: * English * Spanish Take a look to our other apps and become in a great music composer: * bComposer Rhythm * bComposer Metronome Website: * www.bcomposer.com twitter: * @OMBStudios Google+ * +bComposer Youtube Channel * https://www.youtube.com/user/OneManBandClub * Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/onemanbandstudios Trademark and copyright by ONE MAN BAND STUDIOS S.A.S ©

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