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BBuzzArt - Your Art Community

BBuzzArt – Community for Emerging Artists and Art Enthusiasts around the World BBuzzArt is a global art community online created for emerging and passionate artists and serious and sincere art enthusiasts like you. For emerging and passionate artists, showcase your art and share your feedback on other artists. BBuzzArt embraces every artistic genres in Visual Art including drawing, painting, collage, installation, photography, print making, sculpture, new media and video art. For serious and sincere art lovers, take a moment to appreciate art works presented by talented emerging artists. Please do not just stop there! Express your thoughts by leaving a short feedback. You will definitely have an opportunity to make friends with extraordinary creators around the world. Also, BBuzzArt welcomes emerging art critics and theoreticians sharing your critical thoughts on art! Are you getting tired of photographs and images that people have taken to show their newly purchased outfits, countries traveled and special food tasted at Instagram and Facebook? Are you being overwhelmed by the massive quantity of meaningless images at social networking services? Don’t you miss a gentle touch that a genuine work of art delivers to your life in the midst of this image flood? BBuzzArt is a service for artistic crowd like you! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Feature: Have you had a difficulty to verbalize your appreciation on art? Then, why don’t you use BBuzzArt Feedback Aide? It is a tool that automatically generates a feedback once you select three adjectives that best fit a particular work of art. Please find BBuzzArt Feedback Aide by pushing a yellow cross button at BBuzzArt mobile applications for Android and iOS! No more single word remark! You can now leave a complete feedback on art that you love! BBuzzArt believes that the future masterpiece starts with your feedback. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BBuzzArt is available in both mobile applications for Android and web version at

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