BattleDex (free)


BattleDex (free)

BattleDex is a handy, fast, and convenient offline source of Pokémon, and related information, and a suite of tools to help with team and matchup analysis. Features & Functionality: Pokémon data browser - View in depth information about any Pokémon, such as : + Typing + Abilities (and a description of what they do) + Move learnsets + Related forms (mega, primal, rotom, etc) + Pokedex data (including Training and breeding info) + Base stats + Evolution chains Search for Pokémon by Name (full or partial), and by national dex number. POWER-search - Discover new Pokémon, that may be of interest to you, by specifying criteria such as: type(pure / half / dual), egg group, EV yield, Weight, Ability learned, etc. Ability browser - View a list of all abilities available, a description of what they do, and what Pokémon can acquire them. Move browser - View a list of all moves available, a description of what they do, their stats (power, accuracy, effect chance, priority, etc), and what Pokémon can acquire them. Item list - View a list of all available game items, their descriptions, and their locations. VS analysis - compare a selected Pokémon's typing, and base stats, against a configurable predefined team; quickly see who can target the opponents weakness, and who on your team is vulnerable to the opponents typing. Damage charts - Easily generate damage charts, for any typing (single & dual), for both attack and defence perspectives. Team analysis - Define a team of up to 6 Pokémon, and view a stat and typing analysis: + Team definition - use search options to define a team of 6 Pokémon to save inside the app; this team will be used for VS analysis. + Stat analysis - view best & worst in class, for each stat, to identify who your team leaders and slackers are. + Cumulative typing analysis - view a cumulative damage chart, for the typing of all team members, to examine for holes in your teams weakness and resistance profiles. ORIGIN: My friend recently introduced me to Pokémon as he wanted someone to battle with, and being the noob that I am, I was completely overwhelmed with new information! The two main issues I had were: Being unable to remember what type match-ups are effective - i can't memorise damage charts :3 Unsure of what specific abilities do! / what abilities an opponent could potentially have. and most frustrating of all, having to guess what typing my opponents Pokémon is (looking at you, Gastrodon!) I wrote this app to help solve these problems (and over time, many more!). I hope you find it useful too! KEYWORDS: pokemon, pokémon, pokedex, battle, damage, type, chart, team, analysis, helper, pocket monsters, x, y, alpha, omega, ruby, sapphire, moves, movelist, evolutions, learnset

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