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Baby Names

Packed with more than 30,000 names, Baby Names makes it fun and simple to: ? See a name’s meaning, pronunciation, gender, and origin ? Check how popular any name (including your own) was for any year back to 1880 ? Search by name, gender, origin or any of those criteria (and even by initial) ? Save and rate your favorite names ? Sort your favorites by gender, date, spelling and your ratings ? Share names by e-mail and Facebook?? ? See a map view of any name’s origin Unlock these features by upgrading to Premium: o Add, rate, and share your own names with the My Names feature o Periodic name suggestions o No ads o Ask Genie for names that go perfectly with mom’s and dad’s names!

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  • Highligths
    One of the best baby name apps that I have tried”
    And shows popularity rate Pros: shows good variety of names
    Lots of unique names
    Baby center app
  • Keep in mind
    It does not have boy names that are popular”
    And the search function is broken”
    Good name selection but flashing ads are doing my head in”

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