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Aviator Clocks

Aviator Clocks is a phone customization app that contains aviation themed analog clock widgets to place on your home screen. The app also contains cockpit view live wallpapers, with a background sky and heads-up display that roll as your phone rotates. Developed by an ex-flight test engineer (F-16) and an ex-helicopter pilot (UH-1H), this app is really a badge of honor for any serious aviation fan. The free version comes with 3 airplane clock themes and 3 cockpit live wallpapers. A license key can be purchased which unlocks 10 more clock themes and 5 more cockpit wallpapers to satisfy any pilot. We even have a Hind cockpit wallpaper and a rotor tach clock for all you helo drivers. The license key is a one-time purchase, which Google Play will manage so that all themes will be unlocked on your other Android devices too. Features: - No advertisements (i.e. phone FOD) - 17 possible clock faces (theme/color combos): ? Altimeter (free) ? Turbofan Engine (free) ? Airspeed Indicator (free) ? Radial Engine ? Directional Gyro ? Radar Screen ? Artificial Horizon ? Heads Up Display (HUD) ? Rotor Tachometer ? Multi Function Display with 3 color schemes ? Fighter Pilot Helmet ? Soviet MiG Clock with 2 modes ? Skydiver Altimeter with 2 color schemes - Clock resizing capability - 8 cockpit live wallpapers: ? AV-8B Harrier (free) ? Mi-24 Hind (free) ? SR-71 Blackbird (free) ? MiG-21 Fishbed ? F-16 Fighting Falcon ? F-4 Phantom ? MiG-29 Fulcrum ? F-22 Raptor ? more to follow - 5 sky backgrounds (out cockpit windshield) Note, if you know what any of the following terms/phrases mean, then this app is definitely for you: sierra hotel, NFOD, Martin-Baker fan club, HOTAS, flathatting, CAVU, sortie, check six, IFR, fangs out, conning, booming. To add a widget, do the following: 1) Open the app drawer. 2) Select the 'Widgets' tab. 3) Long press on 'Aviator Clocks' and drop it on your home screen. 4) Resize and center as needed. Reminders: 1) Touching the clock face will open up the menu for changing themes. 2) A long press on the clock face will allow resizing. 3) If your display is small, you may need to scroll to see all theme buttons. WARNING: For the 'Artificial Horizon' and 'Heads Up Display' clock themes, the hour hand controls the horizon...so don't panic when you find yourself in a tight turn or even inverted at various times during the day. Also, for you chopper pilots, the 'Rotor Tach' clock theme will display a dangerous flying condition for most hours of the day. Troubleshooting: Some versions of Android are slow to update their widget list, so you may have to give it a few minutes for Aviator Clocks to show up. If you don't have patience for this, a quick phone reboot should force the list to update (not a very elegant solutions, but it is a failsafe one for the vast array of phones out there).

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