Equalizer Ultra™ (10 Bands)


Equalizer Ultra™ (10 Bands)

Using a Music Player that doesn't have an equalizer or audio effects? Equalizer Sound Booster Ultra™ maybe just what you are looking for. Equalizer Sound Booster Ultra™ is the only equaliser app equipped with a 10 band Graphic Equalizer, Bass Booster, Reverb Effects, Virtualizer, Stereo Expander, Pitch & Tempo controls, Crossfading and more. This allows you to unlock the full media potential of your device to push your music listening experience to the next level and enjoy digitally crisp and beautiful sound quality from your Android device. Equalizer Sound Booster Ultra™ functions in two modes, Normal mode and Ultra mode. Ultra mode unlocks features such as Pre-Amp, Ultra Bass Booster, Ultra Treble Boost, Stereo Width Expander, 3D Audio Panning effects, Pitch & Tempo controls and a very powerful 10 Band Graphic Equalizer. -------------------------------------------------- NORMAL MODE FEATURES -------------------------------------------------- • Bass Booster • 10 Band Graphic Equalizer • Virtualizer • Reverb Effects • Equalizer Presets ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RECOMMEND MUSIC PLAYERS (TESTED FOR NORMAL MODE) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Google Play Music • Spotify Music Player • SoundCloud Music Player • BoomCap Music Player • Android Stock Music Players • doubleTwist Music Player ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER MUSIC PLAYERS THAT SHOULD WORK: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Sony Music Player. • HTC Music Players. • Samsung Music Players. -------------------------------------------------- ULTRA MODE FEATURES -------------------------------------------------- Please Note: ***Ultra mode may not work as intended on some devices*** PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY: • While in Ultra Mode, this application may not work as intended on some devices. If it turns out your device is one of those, then we would like to say sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for trying our app. • While in Ultra Mode, audio seeking will not work with any of the Music Players supported by this plugin unless otherwise stated in the list of supported players below. • While in Ultra Mode, The volume buttons will only adjust the music volume if you are inside the Equalizer Ultra™ Application. So if you need to adjust the volume simply open the app then you'll be able to use your volume buttons. • Please also note equalizer settings will not work with music subscription services such as Spotify or Pandora while in Ultra mode. If you wish to use this equalizer for Spotify or Pandora then please use in normal mode. ---------------------------------------------------- Basic Trial Mode Features: ---------------------------------------------------- • Pre-Amp • Ultra Bass Booster • Ultra Treble Boost • Ultra Reverb Upgrade to unlock these Ultra Mode Features: • Crossfading • Playback Speed & Tempo Controls • Audio Stereo & Panning Effects ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Supported Music Players in Ultra Mode: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ • Google Play Music (audio seeking supported) • PowerAMP (audio seeking supported) • SoundCloud Music Player • HTC Default Music Player • Android Stock Music Player • doubleTwist • Sony Ericsson Music Players • Samsung Galaxy Music Player Thank you for supporting our application. Please feel free to send us your feedback. Enjoy!

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  • Highligths
    This is the best equalizer app I've ever seen on play store”
    Here the preamp for every music lovers like me”
    Everyone should try to make your music sounds beautiful”
    Really is great with soft music and superbly sound effects
    It's very good equalizer bass boost & its working my mobile”
    The sound quality does get slightly deprecated”
    Graphic eq which really works great and is a 10 band”
    It's kinda slow and optimizes between songs
    The great MP3 player I have used it”
  • Keep in mind
    Will be happy to change my rating if you fix this”
    Keeps reloading software even during phone calls
    Media player quits working while running the EQ”
    It does not work with Google Play Music at time of review”
    Waste of time and storage space

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