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Aruba App

We are working hard on a total renewed Aruba App, in the meanwhile please enjoy all free info of this version. The ARUBA APP by Crapps is the most complete and amazing digital travel guide of the island Aruba. With many features and personalized items from the island. Including Updated Event Calendar and Discount & Action Coupons The design is user friendly with fresh caribbean elements and images. . Going on holiday with a complete travel guide without extra weight and space. . Works mainly OFFLINE, so you can save roaming charges. . Interactive and zoomable MAP with links to Points of Interest and other information. . Basic information you need to know about the island like history, flora / fauna, music and transportation. . Compose your own MUST DO list with links to deeper information and referring location on the map . Topics such as Restaurants, Accommodations, Shops, Happy Hours, Events, Diving Schools, Beaches, Indoor and Outdoor activities and activities with children, Car Rentals, WiFi spots, Gas stations, Important phone numbers and even Wheelchair friendly places are all inclusive. . Always UP TO DATE . AUGMENTED REALITY makes it easy to find the closest items around you without consulting a map, because they appear on the screen. . The App has surprising new information and facts. The category TIPS BY LOCALS for example, where premises itself reveal their most special places or experiences of the island, and tell what not to miss on Aruba. . Possibilities to Share your experiences directly on Facebook or Twitter. . The App works in the languages ENGLISH , ??DUTCH and SPANISH. . The App has digital COUPONS with different actions. The coupons will automatically refer to the information of the concerning party. Because the coupons are digital, you always carry them with you. App to date - Anytime - Anywhere on Aruba with the ARUBA APP

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