Art of the Chart Stock Trading


Art of the Chart Stock Trading

Stock market trading and position management simulator using historic stock price action. Build your skills in position entry and risk management! •Quickly assess current price action with history pinch and zoom. •Enter long or short positions. •Set position percentage limits •Set trailing stops •Set stop loss and take profit limits. •Set automatic exits from positions. •Graphically monitor risk with profit\loss chart overlays. Create charts with any of the following options 6 user-defined moving averages   •Simple or exponential   •Number of periods up to 250   •Line color and thickness Bollinger Bands 6 other technical indicators   •MACD   •RSI   •OBV   •CCI   •ATR   •Bollinger Bands standard deviation   •Volume Relative price levels of the S&P500 Stock prices as candlestick, OHLC or close only 5 different daily and weekly time ranges View statistics   •Totals, percentages and averages   •All trades   •Long trades, winning and losing   •Short trades, winning and losing

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