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Archery ScorePad

## UK Handicap Tables Included ## Currently the only app with official licence to use the Handicap Tables in the UK Feature Rich Archery Scorepad with easy to use scoring sheet. Record Scores, Sight Marks, Custom Rounds for all bow styles Features : - Record and Save Archery Scores from a set list of Predefined rounds (Metric, Imperial and Indoor) - Predefined Rounds include : -- WA -- WA Clout -- WA Field -- GNAS -- GNAS Clout -- NFAS (National Field Archery Society) -- NFAA (National Field Archery Association) -- Australian -- Australian Clout -- New Zealand (Metric and JAMA) -- National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) -- USA - Record Custom Round Details. Remembers the Custom Rounds Details so can re-shoot the same Round again without the need to re-enter it - Able to Score up to 4 Archers at the same Time - Able to Save other archers scores and view them at a later date - Simple to use Interface for recording Archery Scores - Can Record Scores either using Number page for Arrow Score or by selecting on a Target Face where the Arrow Hit - Saves Custom Rounds Scores if the details have been saved - Clear Score Sheets that are as close to a real score sheet to help checking - Round Summaries show a break down of the Round that was shot - Best Distance Summaty. Shows the best score you got for each distance of a Round. Can see what is your best 3 dozen at 90m etc - Archer is able to Edit any score / date that has been entered into the app either during scoring or after the round has been completed - Archer is able to Save Bow and Arrow Details - Save a separate set of Scores against each of the Six different bow types: -- Recurve -- Compound -- Longbow -- Barebow -- Compound Barebow -- Horsebow - Saved Scores and Personnel Best Scores are grouped together by Bow Type - Able to add Manual Scores for old Scores that where shot before using the app - Full UK Classification Tables for Metric, Imperial and Indoor for all age groups (GNAS. Updated March 2012) - Full UK Handicap Tables - Full AUS Classification / Ratings Tables - Simple Classification Lookup for GNAS and AUS. - Classification Lookup during shooting a Round. Can see what scores you need for each Classification - Round Prediction. While Shooting can tell you what need for Net Classification or to Beat Personnel Best - Simple Round Details Lookup for all Rounds. - Round Detials lookup during shooting a Round - Archer is able to define any number of Arrow Sets for each Bow Type - Record a different set of Sight Marks for any Sets of Arrows for each Bow Type. Notch, Position and a Comment for each Sight Mark - Able to Record Archers and Witness Signature against each Score. Shown on XLS Export - Able to Export all Archery Scores to a Email Address as XLS and CSV - Able to Export Scores directly to the Records Officer (Email) - Able to Export / Import the Full Database to the SD Card or Dropbox for when changing phones - Facebook Integration. Share Scores on Facebook - Dropbox Integration. Can Export/Import Database Dropbox. Also can export scores to Dropbox Any Other Feature you would like to see in this App Please contact me using the email below. More then open to add any feature that could improve it. Thanks

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