AR Shooting


AR Shooting

This is Shooting app using AR( augmented reality). You can shoot eight kinds of guns including a handgun and the shotgun and etc, by default. In addition, you are extendable to up to 13 kinds including a machine gun and the rifle by addition. Furthermore, depending on a gun, a change of the semi-auto full auto, the option including the change of the optics site are modifiable. ? Colt python (Handgun) ? Beretta M93R (Handgun) ? Colt government (Handgun) ? Dessert eagle (Handgun) ? Walther PPK (Handgun) ? S&W M629 (Handgun) ? Ingram M11 (Submachine Gun) ? Remington M870 (Shotgun) ? Steyr SSG (Sniper Rifle) ? H&K MP5SD6 (Submachine Gun) ? M4 (Assault Carbine) ? M16 (Assault Rifle) ? FA - MAS (Assault Rifle)

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    Best gun app on the store
    A fun novelty app
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    No actual game play or augmented reality that the app claimes”
    Wasted my time downloading this”

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