AR Type Rifle Application


AR Type Rifle Application

From the original Colt® AR-15™ Rifle has evolved a vast assortment of Rifle choices making this one of the most popular Rifle Platforms ever made. Keep track of your Rifle Expenses and Range Results on your Smart Phone. No automatic backup to any online servers but you can export the data from your device. An Export to Excel and email Activity allows you to export the Rifle Expense Tracking Data, Range Results Tracking Data, and Rifle Inventory Data to Excel or other spreadsheets with the click of one button. The csv file can then be emailed. Rifle Expense Tracking – Keep a running total of your Rifle Expenses. Rifle Expenses Record has 11 fields: Record ID Number, Date, Rifle Short Name/Nickname, Serial Number, Caliber, Description, Expense Notes, Total Expense Cost, Receipt?, and Manufacturer Name. Range Results Tracking – Electronically store your Range Results. No more writing results on Target. Take a photo of your best result and add to Range Results Tracking Record. The Range Results Record has 26 fields. Record ID Number, Range Result Date, Manufacturer Name, Rifle Short Name/Nickname, Rifle Model, Serial Number, Caliber, Yards/Meters, Ammo, Bullet, Bullet Ballistics Coefficient, Powder, Case, Range Wind Speed, Velocity, Notes, Zero Range, Sight Height, Altitude, Temperature, Humidity, Drag Function, Shooting Angle, Wind Angle, and Group Size. Rifle Inventory Tracking - Keep track of the original cost and value of the rifle(s). Rifle Inventory Tracking has 15 fields: Purchase Date, Manufacturer Name, New or Used when purchased, Barrel Length, Twist, Manufactured Year, Rifle Short Name/Nickname, Serial Number, Caliber, Description, Optic, Expense Notes, Cost, Receipt, and Current Used Value. You can also add a photo of the receipt or item and add it to the record. Reports Home Page with Reports by Date, Rifle Short Name, Serial Number, and Caliber. Extra Items Included: Accuracy Factors. AR Design Advantages vs. Disadvantages. Brief History of Rifle. Mechanical Zero – Mechanical Zero information with links to Web Searches. Rifle Schematics. Trivia – Not very well known or forgotten information about this Rifle.

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