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AnyTAG NFC Launcher

? AnyTAG NFC Launcher FEATURED in XDA TV What is AnyTAG NFC Launcher? AnyTAG NFC Launcher is a task launcher app which lets you start tasks by scanning NFC tags. What can AnyTAG NFC Launcher do? ? Bluetooth (on/off/toggle) ? Bluetooth discoverable (on) ? WiFi (on/off/toggle) ? WiFi Hotspot (on/off/toggle) ? Connect to specific WiFi SSID ? Mobile data (on/off/toggle) ? Airplane mode (on) ? GPS (on/off/toggle) ? Capture photo (front/back camera) ? Screenshot - root only (Beta) ? Launch an app ? Launch an activity ? Make a call or USSD ? Send an SMS ? Open a web page ? Navigation ? Launch tasker ? Silent mode (off/vibrate/mute) ? Set volume (ringer/notification/media/alarm) ? Auto rotate screen (on/off/toggle) ? Auto brightness (on/off/toggle) ? set screen brightness ? Stay Awake While Charging (on/off/toggle) ? Auto sync (on/off/toggle) ? Car mode (on/off/toggle) ? Display Timeout ? Media button (play/pause/next/previous) And many more feature will add in future updates. Why AnyTAG NFC Launcher is unique? "AnyTAG" means you can use any NFC tags. Yes you hear it right, any NFC tags, no matter it is locked or not re-writable. How AnyTAG NFC Launcher works? Every NFC tags come with a unique tag ID. Instead of writing task/action into the NFC tags like what other does. AnyTAG NFC Launcher let user stored list of tasks and tied it with the NFC tag ID. So when user scanned NFC tag, AnyTAG will recognize the tag ID and perform configured tasks accordingly. No modification of NFC tags stored data at all. Why we created AnyTAG NFC Launcher? We created this simply because we want you save money not to buy expensive NFC tags. We actually surrounding with a lot of NFC tags, For example in Malaysia: ? Nationality ID (MyKAD) ? Payment Card (Touch&Go) ? Transit Token (RapidKL) ? Parking Token ? Members Card ? PayPass Credit Card ? Visa Wave Credit Card Benefit of AnyTAG NFC Launcher? ? Make your life easier ? Save money ? Existing NFC tags re-useable ? No tag memory size limit ? Environment friendly Icons by DryIcons Another great product by XtraSEC © Copyright 2012 XtraSEC Credit to: ? Spanish - Cristobal Martinez, Xavier Fernandez  ? Polish - Rafa? Witkowski ? Dutch - Sybren Gjaltema ? German - Harald Goriupp ? Norwegian - Nikolai Grønland

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