Anti-Theft Alarm Pro


Anti-Theft Alarm Pro

Lower price for a period of time! _______________________________________________ ¿Are you going to left your phone unattended and you don't want it to be stolen or used without your permission? Anti-Theft Alarm protects your phone with an alarm that will start to sound at max volume at the earliest moment that anybody touches your phone. With it minimalistic interface and it's intuitive design, this application offers to you the following features: *Stop the alarm entering a PIN code that only you must know. *Lock all phone keys once alarm is activated to avoid the possibility of leaving it. *Take a picture of the person that takes your phone (enable in options). *Save a register with the GPS locations as long as the alarm is playing. *Check the alarm history to see the locations and pictures on a map. *Choose the activation time that you need to leave your phone wherever you want.. *3 sensibility options depending on your needs and NEW option for CUSTOM sesibility. *Choose between 3 alarm sounds and NEW option for CUSTOM sound. *Supported in 3 languages. *Comming soon features: Send pictures and locations by mail. ____________________________ Pro features: *You can activate the alarm in less than 10 seconds. *Option to reduce app-launching time. *3 different app colours! (more comming soon). *No ads! *Custom alarm sound.

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