Amazing Broken Display Prank


Amazing Broken Display Prank

"Amazing Broken Display for Android is an easy to use casual app, allowing you to make fun of your friends. This app is a great amusement for people of all ages, I play tricks with my friends all day and won't get boring. -" Make fun out of your friends with this amazing cracked screen application. Just run it, select the image you wish to appear, the delay after which the prank will start and the type of trigger and give someone your phone and then wait for a response. Do not forget to increase the sound volume. With this broken screen application you can easily fool other people that you have a broken phone, or that they broke your phone. Amazing broken display can also work in the 'live' mode which means that after cracking the screen you phone will continue to work as normal. You can browse the photos, play games and do anything you want and the crack will remain on the screen. To remove it you have to run the app once again. Until then the cracked screen image will be displayed over the actual application. You can of course use the live mode along with delayed crack which means you will be able to start a game or any other activity and wait for the crack to appear. Victim will be still able to play the game but you can start yelling that he broke your screen and should get you a new phone. The application contains nine different images broken screen and a few random sounds. The application itself is absolutely useless, but you can have a fun with it. Go ahead, start the amazing broken display, select the crack image you would like to use and fool your friends. Please note that app is just a prank, funny simulation that's meant to make you and your friends laugh.

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  • Highligths
    I tricked my sister and she told my mom
    Trick my parents
    Cool for my samsung tab to scare people
  • Keep in mind
    Cracked screen doesn't even go over the adds”
    The sound effects are poor on most of them”
    But I have a ad blocker
    This was a waste of time to download

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