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Alchemy Classic HD

Play in the best Android Alchemy game - Alchemy Classic HD! Do you love addictive puzzle game? Install Alchemy Classic HD! Alchemy Classic HD has the same game mechanics as Alchemy, Alchemy Genetics or Doodle God. Start with four basic elements and go through the entire universe. Throughout history, humans have always been eager to explore the world they inhabit. Human efforts resulted in significant progress, from the simplest of tools to high-tech industrial plants and flying machines. If you think about it, however, some time ago there was nothing but the basic elements of nature: fire, water, earth, and air. These very things form the basis of all diversity. It sounds incredible, doesn't it? Can you throw a bunch of dirt into air and get a hot air balloon? Of course not. And yet, these elements of nature are at the heart of nearly all objects, from an hourglass to a complex engineering facility. As a player, we offer you a different kind of game, a puzzle in that allows you to explore and build your own surroundings. You will uncover many secrets that concern the true nature of all things. Alchemy Classic gives players a unique chance to become a real explorer and creator! Alchemy Classic Facebook fan page: Alchemy Classic site: Enjoy with Alchemy Classic! What an awesome app - Editor's Pick from

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  • Highligths
    His game is fun and also a great brain exercise
    Brain game We have to think and combine two things”
    Fun good mind game to make you think”
    Anyone who love science and logic puzzles will enjoy for sure”
    Good time waster that you can pick up anytime”
    Good thinking game great for on the go game play”
    Definitely a brain teaser and works great on my GS4”
    It's a challenging game that makes you work for it”
    Alchemy Classic - the best alchemy game so far”
    The most interesting and addictive game ever”
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    Nothing here… Users found nothing but good things to say about this app!

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