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AirTycoon 3

Welcome to Air Tycoon 3! - Authentic turn based airline management simulation single player game based on 'Air Tycoon Online' which is being loved by world wide players. Basically this version is a demo version. If you want to enjoy the full version, you should purchase an in-app in the game. Build and manage worldwide airline with detailed statistic management support! Now, passengers in the world are ready to on board to your airline! **When 24 turns passed from the beginning and if you want to play continuously, you need to buy the formal version of this game. [GAME FEATURES] - Customized turn based game - Play and compete with max 24 AI players - Various game setting - Include 128 real airplane models and 450 airports world wide - Diversified airport and route management - Upgradable airplanes and airports - Buy and sell used airplanes - Detailed and various type of map - Management of passenger and cargo routes - Historical real time background - No internet connection needed [Game Tips for Beginners] * Keep lower than 30% of lease planes. * Open a new route at high business/tour level and less(or no) competitive cities. * Keep maximize advertisement and service investment. * Keep lower level of salary as they are satisfied. * Keep the airplane operating at maximum. * Make schedules as the same as 'Available schedule by Planes'. * Adjust airfares always. - Raise the fare when the occupancy is 100%. - Down the fare when the occupancy is lower than 70% * Do not be obsessed on your existing routes. - Close the route resolutely which has many competitors and do not earn money. - Find a new undeveloped golden route constantly. * Minimize Cost - Minimize office, counters - Minimize unused slots - Use fuel tank and buy fuel by wholesale * Maximize profit - Run a maintenance depot and lounge on your hub airports (not all airports). You can save 30% of maintenance cost and increase the business and first class passengers (An airport having many routes is a hub airport.) [Feel free contact us!] * Bug report in AirTycoon 3 * Email : * twitter : * facebook :

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  • Highligths
    I find this to be the best tycoon game there is”
    Amazing game great complexity I played it for days”
    Loads of game play addictive and challenging to be number one”
    Best game and best costumer service
    I played the online game - was good”
    Hope to get the update same as the online version soon”
    9% Simulation games that we can control and manipulate whole game”
    Its good without any internet connection
    Its very addictive game
  • Keep in mind
    Only two years in- game time sucks”
    Not a free game
    Cruel and fun waste of time
    I wish i would play this game

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