AIM Global Presentation App


AIM Global Presentation App

CALLING ALL AIM GLOBAL DISTRIBUTORS! Would it be nice if you have a tool to help you present AIM Global Products and the business opportunity to your prospects? Nothing is more important if you can share the business opportunity to your prospects and reaching more people. Finally, an Android app designed specifically for AIM Global Distributors and people interested to learn more about AIM Global Products and the Business to seize this great opportunity to be healthy at the same time become wealthy. Take advantage of this great app for you as an AIM Global Distributor and your prospects alike. Each content of this app will provide your helpful information on AIM Global Products and the business for you to share giving you the chance to show the products and the business to more people. Plus, you can share the information through sending to you or your prospects email so you can read it at your convenience and review multiple times. Your author for this app is Elton John T. Aguilar. He and his wife, including all of the family and relatives are also an AIM Global Distributor. He was overweight and looking for a business opportunity that both make money while making him healthy and fit. After some realization, he researched the best business to start that makes money and at the same time, having its products make you healthy and fit by doing the AIM Global Products and Business. Now the result of his AIM Global products and business presentations is available to you. "I am Anito Fabrian. I was diagnosed with leptospirosis. My boss, Ms. Punzalan brought me to the nearest hospital in Quezon City to have a medical checkup. I can’t even write my name on the patient record because I’m not feeling well. My boss’ driver took my son and went to the hospital. He asked me to take C24/7 because my skin’s color was yellow and I almost fainted. I was also vomiting with blood after I took the medicines. I underwent surgery and was confined at the hospital’s ICU. I stayed at the hospital for a week and having frequent medical checkups. After a week, several patients have died due to same illness and one of them was my co-worker. I am very thankful for C24/7 that saved my life. I also want to thank the Lord, AIM Global and Philip James Santos." - Anito Fabrian, Product Testimonial This app is conveniently in easy to read format. You and your prospects only need to download the FREE app and select the presentation information from the list of easy to remember indices. Plus, you can email the information to you or your prospects email. DOWNLOAD NOW! Enjoy sharing the AIM Global Products and Business!

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