AIK mobile banking


AIK mobile banking

AIK Banka mBanking service will allow you to follow, in a fast and simple manner, by using your mobile phone, changes in your accounts as well as to make various transactions. AIK Banka mBanking Application offers you at any time the following options: - Information on account balance and transactions - Information on loans and payment cards - Payments - Exchange operations – buying and selling of foreign currency - Funds transfer between dinar accounts - Funds transfer between foreign currency accounts without currency conversion - Locating nearest branch offices and ATMs through Google Maps - Information on the daily foreign exchange rates - Automatic calls to our Contact Centre SECURITY Financial data can be accessed by entering the user's name and password which you create yourself based on your LIB issued in the bank branch office. Data related to the accounts, transactions, as well as all other banking products and access data are not kept on your mobile telephone, whereby data security is guaranteed. After three incorrect log in attempts, the application is automatically locked for a defined period. HOW TO BECOME A USER? If you are a user of our Internet Banking, you will be automatically allowed access to Mobile Banking by using the same user name and password. If you are not a user of our Internet Banking, you may become a new user by submitting an application for E-banking service in the nearest branch office of AIK Bank AD NIŠ.

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