Age of Ishtaria - A.Battle RPG


Age of Ishtaria - A.Battle RPG

??Thank you for over 3 MILLION Global DLs!?? Clear the tutorial to receive a ticket for a FREE 7? Unit! ??Special campaigns are now being held to celebrate the 4th Anniversary!?? Get a P?7 Unit Card & Gerat Gifts! INNOVATIVE REAL TIME BATTLES! EASY-TO-MASTER CRAZY COMBO SYSTEM! ??This is the Action RPG you've been looking for!?? Mix up attacks to create INSANE COMBOS! LAUNCH your enemies into the air before SLAMMING them back into the ground? OK! Or lock them into submission with powerful debuffs and skills? It's all up to YOU! Who knew fighting could be this EASY!? ??Over 1000 CARDS drawn by INCREDIBLE ILLUSTRATORS!?? An all-star cast of both veteran artists and hot, new talent breath life into these stunning characters!! Are you a fan of ANIME and MANGA? You won't be disappointed with the ART in Ishtaria! ??Embark on an ADVENTURE full of friends and monsters!?? This is the Kingdom our fathers built, a land of blood and tears. This is the Land that we call home, at the end of this cursed Age. This is the Age that we live in, where STORM consumes crop and kin. This is the Age of Ishtaria *Price* FREE to Play (In Game Purchases Available) *Official Trailer*

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  • Highligths
    Pretty challenging rpg game and fun to play with others”
    Awesome game simple to understand and complex when doven into”
    Unique battle mechanics make it super fun
    This game has a fun and addictive game play allow”
    Being an artist of course I love the art work for the game”
    Beyond that Anime lovers will love the art work”
    Pls use my invitation codes for rewards : dumqve”
    Cool card rpg game cool animation cool heroes”
    It has an interesting story line with nice art”
    Prob the best cute girls cardgame”
  • Keep in mind
    Don't even bother with this app-Horrible customer service
    Closes back to home screen constantly”

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