Adi AnalogClock Live Wallpaper


Adi AnalogClock Live Wallpaper

A Eye-Catching Highly Customizable Colorful Analog Clock Live wallpaper with Multiple Theme Support and Auto-Changing Clock Colors. It will speak the current time if Double Tapped To select this Wallpaper, Long Press the Desktop > Choose Live wall paper > and select this application > Click "Set as Wallpaper". This Analog Clock Live wallpaper has support for Multiple Theme Colors with Gradient Fill and support for Automatically changing Themes for every minute. New Theme will be chosen every time when the device is unlocked. The wallpaper keeps changing the colors continuously when the pages are changed in the home screen, if auto change is configured. The Geometries of the Analog Clock are Calculated and shown relative to the Screen Size of your device so that the visible Components in the Clock always look optimum without any Text or Graphics Overlaps. In addition to having the above mentioned Optimum Geometries and Default Components, you will be able to modify the below mentioned things so that the Clock looks as per your wish overriding the default Geometries. 1. Whether Clock should have separate Color than its background 2. Whether the Color Theme should change automatically Every Minute 3. What is the static Color Theme if the auto change of Theme is disabled 4. Whether Second Hand is to be shown 5. Whether Marker for Each Second is to be shown 6. Whether Marker for Each Hour is to be shown 7. Whether Date is to be shown 8. Whether Day is to be shown 9. Whether Time is to be shown in Digital Form 10. Whether Numbers are to be shown 11. Number format can be configured (Capital Roman Number, Small Roman number and Normal Number) 11. Whether Clock border is to be shown 12. Whether digital time format is 12 or 24 hour format 13. Whether the time is to be spoken if the clock is double tapped 14. Whether year to be shown 15. Text that is to be shown in the top of the clock in big font. This can be used for showing some positive satements 16. Custom Text that is to be shown inside clock dial area. The position of this string is also configurable 17. Size of the Clock 18. Day text alignment 19. Date text alignment 20. Time text alignment 21. Custom text alignment 22. Horizontal Alignment of the Clock 23. Day Font Size 24. Date Font Size 25. Time Font Size 26. Number Font Size

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