Accounting Ratio Calculator


Accounting Ratio Calculator

Interested in investing? Are you an accountant? Or maybe you’re interested in stocks? Or even a college student taking a course in Business and Accounting? Then the Accounting Ratio Calculator is the best organized, simple, and direct free tool for you! Business, specifically Accounting is its own language! This free Accounting Ratio Calculator can help translate those difficult to understand numbers and words into simple terms and digits. Included within this application is a series of formulas and ratios used throughout the Business World. Each formula and ratio comes with a brief informative description as to what the formula/ratio is used for. You may select from any of the ratios and formulas to open up the accounting calculator to assist you with calculating the answer and all this for free! Don’t settle with those outdated calculators! To make things better, this lightweight, free Accounting Calculator is designed to be modern, simple, beautiful, and eye catching! The accounting ratio calculator is completely functional and work friendly; great for office use! Each answer is formatted to an understandable simple format for you to understand! Whether if you’re into investments and the stock market, perhaps looking for a tool for making informed business decisions, or simply a college student trying to learn all the Profitability and Risk Ratios, the Accounting Ratio Calculator is the BEST app and tool to help get you started! Even if you’re an accountant, this free accounting ratio calculator is the tool for you because you can calculate all the numbers you need all in one place! No need to waste paper and pencils when you have it all in one device! The best part is that you can leave a comment or suggestion and if appropriate, we’ll add the ratio to the built in accounting calculator! Divided into two portions, you can choose from a variety of ratios and formulas that fall within the categories of Risk and Profitability Ratios; Solvency and Liquidity Ratios are included as well! Determine if the company or firm you’re looking into is stable enough! Included Risk ratios and Formulas: Acid Test Ratio - A more conservative approach to measure current assets available for paying off current liabilities. Average Collection Period - Calculate the average number of days to collect a company’s receivables. Average Days in Inventory - Measure how many days a company keeps inventory. Current Ratio - Determine whether a company has enough current assets to pay off current liabilities. Debt to Equity Ratio - Debt Holders have the ability to put companies into bankruptcy for failure of payment unlike Stockholders. This measures the risk of bankruptcy. Inventory Turnover Ratio - Calculate on average how often a firm sells its entire inventory during the year. Receivables Turnover Ratio - Calculate how many times on average a firm collects its receivables during the year. Times Interest Earned Ratio - Measure if the company generates more than enough income to pay interest payments. Included Profitability Ratios and Formulas: Asset Turnover - Measure the sales volume in relation to the investment in assets. Does it have enough liquid assets to pay current debt? Gross Profit Ratio - Calculate the portion of money left over from revenue after cost of goods sold. Used for paying additional expenses and in future savings. Price Earnings Ratio - Compare a share price with its earnings per share. (Stock Price / Earnings Per Share) Profit Margin - Measure the income earned per each dollar of sales. (Net Income / Net Sales) Return on Assets - Measure the income earned on each dollar invested in assets. How effective are assets used to generate earnings? Return on Equity - Measure the income earned per dollar in stockholders equity. How much money does a firm make with the money shareholders invested? Make proper decisions prior to the stock market. Download the Accounting Ratio Calculator for Free now!

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